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Dietary Benefit
Ingredients in Ascorbitol are shown to reduce the risk of free radical damage, optimize healthy immune function [1,2,3,7], support the cardiovascular system by enhancing blood flow [5,6,8], promote cellular metabolism and proper hormone balance [8,9].

Adults take 500-1500 mg 3 times daily
Children take 500 mg up to 3 times daily.

Product Overview
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is crucial to both plant and animal life. Humans cannot produce their own ascorbic acid and therefore must supplement through other means. However, while supplementation with ascorbic acid contributes greatly to the quality of human life [15,16,17], what nature offers is much more than simple ascorbic acid.

There are many naturally occurring forms of ascorbic acid [18,19,20]. Different forms of ascorbic acid have unique activities, synergies, and benefits [21,22]. Simple fruits and vegetables actually contain complex varieties of Vitamin C and their synergistic partners [23-25].

By combining the unique benefits of six Vitamin C forms with natural Vitamin C enhancers, bioflavonoids, Dietary Indoles, antioxidants, and more, Ascorbitol embodies the comprehensive balance of nature.

Ascorbitol is stable for at least three years under
normal storage conditions.


Comprehensive Vitamin C supplement with Dietary Indoles

Regulatory Status
Ascorbitol is a dietary supplement under provisions of US Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA).

Reduce intake or discontinue use if you experience acid upset or diarrhea.

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* Additional references are available upon request. *

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