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Dietary Benefit
Andéan can extend endurance [1], optimize cognitive performance [2,3], support a balanced mood [4,5], and suppress appetite [6]. Andéan is a powerful cocoa almond blend designed to work synergistically with weight loss formulas. Standardization of key biologically-active constituents increases cocoa’s natural benefits by up to twelve times [7].

Formulations typically use 200-400mg daily.

Product Overview
First brought to the old world in the early 1500s, cocoa was initially promoted for its medicinal properties and quickly became popular [8,9].
Cocoa was called the food of the Gods by early South American Indians [10] and was revered for its energy boosting, appetite suppressing, and mood support attributes. Thousands of years ago, Native Americans discovered that combining cocoa with certain natural plant constituents would further enhance its attributes. In some cultures, the mystique of cocoa was sufficient for the king to decree that he alone was worthy to partake.

Modern science has removed much of the mystique surrounding cocoa and further enhanced its natural attributes. Andéan is a cocoa-based concentrate standardized to corresponding xanthine alkaloids combined with almond and cocoa nutshell extract constituents.

Andéan is stable under normal conditions. Over time, aromatic compounds will revert to other constituents. This affects olfactory appeal but not product effectiveness.


Standardized cocoa almond blend

Regulatory Status

Andéan is a dietary supplement under provisions of US Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA).

Keep out of the reach of children. Do not take while nursing or pregnant. Discontinue use if you experience excessive sweating, severe headaches, or trembling [11].

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